Robot Atlas

Robot Atlas

21st century 2019 Our time

Introducing the unique ATLAS robot from Boston Dynamics

The artificial intelligence of the ATLAS robot allows everyone to have an income 2.5% daily

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Atlas project description

The unique Atlas robot is from the company Boston Dynamics. He has already shaken the whole world with his physical functions. And in early 2019, IBM specialists developed and tested a unique artificial inter-device for the Atlas robot, which proved to be effective in the highest-grossing game, namely poker.

As is known, poker has existed for over 450 years. And during this time, hundreds of people have become dollar millionaires. For example, Daniel Negreanu managed to earn more than $ 33 million in poker.

Nowadays Atlas is the most expensive robot because outperforms the best players in its effectiveness and thus has an absolute advantage. Atlas gives everyone the opportunity to earn. Atlas wins and you earn. Check it out right now - activate Atlas and always win.

A simple and profitable affiliate program will allow everyone to earn substantial capital. Linear marketing is the most stable and transparent:

  • 10% - of the sum of the contribution of each referral of the 1st level
  • 3% - of the amount of the contribution of each referral level 2
  • 2% - of the amount of the contribution of each referral level 3


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Simple steps to start earning
Activate ATLAS

  • Install the messenger from and click "Activate ATLAS".
  • Tell ATLAS how much you want to invest.
  • Start making a profit.


100% reliable

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growth of your capital

  • Reliability
  • High income
  • Deposit liquidity
  • Relevance
Робот Atlas

ATLAS uses Telegram in its work with investors. Telegram is a platform based on the MTProto security protocol. The company was founded in 2013, and the instant messenger itself currently has more than 100 million active users. One of the main Telegram's goals is to protect users from being snooped. This messenger has the best protection on the market and reinforced security guarantees among applications of this kind.

ATLAS is always one step ahead of even the best poker players. Championships and simple betting matches have fairly high prize pools. This allows ATLAS to convert profits constantly and please its investors with a profit of 2.5% daily.

The ease of use of the investment program from ATLAS is simply amazing. All payments and charges are made automatically to the details that you specify in your profile. Each investor has access to the accrued dividends 24/7.

Poker as a game has existed for over 450 years. And its popularity continues to grow. ATLAS participation is an ultramodern trend in this market. ATLAS is a one-of-a-kind technology that has far advanced from its competitors.


  • Atlas project mission?

    Atlas gives to everyone the possibility of forming financial independence with the help of developing technologies based on artificial intelligence.

    Profit from the winning strategy is distributed as follows:
    Most get private investors

    The rest of our specialists are used to develop even more technological programs in the field of artificial intelligence. And very soon you will see new technological products from our company. All this forms are completely new, advanced format of the global IT ecosystem. Only by expanding our community we can achieve a truly incredible result.

  • Why do I need an Atlas robot?

    The Atlas robot, thanks to IBM’s artificial intelligence, is unique in its nature. This technology is unusual and has no worldwide competition. The developers have focused precisely on teaching the robot the highest grossing game in the history of mankind - poker. Atlas's winning strategy allows it to be a winner in any game. Accordingly, all investors who make contributions to the Atlas project have undeniable advantages and high income in comparison with other investment sites.

  • What is the prospect of playing online poker?

    What is the prospect of playing online poker? In order to answer this question below, the actual data of online poker operators for the 3rd quarter of 2018 will simply be given Industry boom In general, the quartet of the largest online poker operators collected $ 275.6 million, and demonstrated revenue growth 14.5 percent year on year. What drives industry-wide growth? Each operator points to his actions, which contributed to the improvement of indicators. TSG CEO Rafi Ashkenazi believes that Stars Rewards, a new loyalty program introduced in 2017, returned $ 45 million to players and increased the company's profits. Partypoker updated both offline and online offers in response to the wishes of the players. 888 experimented with new games such as Flopomania. Unibet in 2017 made a significant update to the online client. Regardless of the reasons, online poker seems to be booming and operators must be satisfied.

  • How to register in the ATLAS system?

    To register with ATLAS you need to install or click "Activate ATLAS" on the site. Indicate how much money you want to make and earn income!

  • What are your personal data protection methods?

    Today Telegram is the most secure messenger which is developed on the basis of the MTProto protocol. Two types of encryption help to protect and secure your data: 256-bit AES-symmetric, 2048 RSA and Diffie-Hellman key exchange protection. Such protection allows ATLAS to be safer than any other investment instrument on the market.

  • What you need to do to become a contributor?

    Becoming an Atlas investor is easy: just click "Activate Atlas" on the website, and the browser will redirect you to launch Telegram. Here you have to choose one of three options:
    1) log in if you already have a Telegram account;
    2) download the Telegram to the device;
    3) use the web version.
    Registration in Telegram is carried out in one action - just enter the phone number. Having logged into your Telegram account, you will see a window with a bot, you need to click "Activate Atlas" in it and then follow the instructions of ATLAS.